02 January 2011


Well made it again! 2011, who would have thought that on April 30th 2007? The doctors thought I would have months to live and basically did everything to ease pain and discomfort.

Since then I have been into Rehab 4 times, have had a 3 year relationship, launched my company, made numerous trips and most important of all....seen my 7 year old Kiara turn into a teenager.

How is this possible? I think the answer is FOCUS. I have focussed on my goals: what, how,where,when,and with whom do I want to do things, and how do I want things done.

I have been known to be a real control freak and have been given names like The General, The Boss, Schwarzkopf....etc. I really hated it and felt like people misunderstood me in the past. It hurt. I always heard the negative undertone. Yes, I am in control of everything that I do and I try to drag my environment along in my wake, but I dare say my intentions were always noble. I wanted the best for everyone.

It is this control that has gotten me this far, if only it were because I have been able to avoid scarry mistakes due to lousy communication in the hospital.

So back to the FOCUS! For this year I have set 3 goals which I intend to target with military precision.

  1. I have to make it to Kiara's 12th birthday (19-07-1999) so that she has a say in where she wants to live if I die.
  2. I have to be around when Kiara starts Highschool.Gotta see that! Who wouldn't!
  3. I have to make it into my new home at the Entrada.
That's it! That is what I need to do!

3 years ago I told myself I was going to make it to Kiara's 10th birthday, I am not doing too bad I suppose.

I celebrated my goals yesterday on Twitter where I held one of my virtual parties yesterday afternoon. If you are interested follow the tag #happytwewyear on Twitter. You can also see my speech here. I'm afraid it's in Dutch though.

So seeing as FOCUS works for me, I wish all of you the very same. Please live your lives like they are going out of fashion, and be nice! How hard is that?


Petra said...

Go for it, go for it, go for it girl you can do it!!!!!

Ildikó said...

Nou lieve Aisha, helemaal niets mis met controle over je leven, dat is juist bewonderingswaardig aan jou, geen onzinnige bescheidenheid, maar voor jezelf en je doelen opkomen! Zet 'm op, stay focused, ga voor jouw doelen! Heel veel liefs, Ildikó

Bigg Sisss and Likkle Sisss said...

Did you ever stop to think that all those nicknames were compliments and admiration?

Jocie Z ROCK said...

just read your back in the hospital post... so thankful the scariest scenarios were negative, i pray aisha you are home soon, but i am so glad you are getting such excellent care while you are there and being treated for your anemia.. love you girl!
ps whenever i hear ABBA i float back to ghana.