03 January 2011

Kill the Beast III

And the battle continues. Dr. Lips and Dr. Dahele haven't given up on me. Today I am going to the hospital to start with the new treatment plan.
I will be having radiation therapy to my sacrum, my rib and my left arm. These being the first treatments that are supposed to slow down the all-round deterioration but mostly to tackle the pain.

I am also having an MRI done of my head to monitor the skull.
Then last, but not least, I will be meeting Professor Boven (oncologist) to discuss the possibility of chemo and/ or experimental therapy with Everolimus.

Sometime this week I will write a very detailed account of my physical state.

Will be home tonight! Let's hope the ambulance doesn't take forever.


Jocie Z ROCK said...

Thinking of you a lot today and yesterday but I am new York not on my own computer the crackberry is not the best for blog but was able to read your posts. I am always thinking bout your emotional state too. Your mind is so powerful. Hope the ambulance ride was smooth over those speedbumps there. Love j

Bigg Sisss and Likkle Sisss said...

Of course they havn't given up on you!!!!!!!!! Nobody has!!!!