07 March 2011


CITO is a standardized test for highschool admissions. This test is given in the last year of the primary school in the Netherlands used to assess the academic level of the students. It is rather important to do well, as the school of your choice will look at your score when they decide to admit you or not. The scores coincide with the different learning levels of the Dutch highschool system. I am adding an overview for the Dutch readers as most people don't have a clue what the cito scores signify:

cito score versus vervolg opleiding:
Basisberoepsgerichte leerweg: 501 - 520
Basis- en kaderberoepsgerichte leerweg: 519 - 525
Kaderberoepsgerichte leerweg : 524 - 528
Gemengde / theoretische leerweg 529 - 533
Gemengde / theoretische leerweg en havo 532 - 536
Gemengde / theoretische leerweg en havo / vwo 535 - 541
Havo 537 - 540
Havo / vwo 540 - 545 Vwo (Gymnasium en Atheneum) 545 - 550
Anyway, since Christmas Kiara has visited many schools trying to determine where she will go next year. The school of her choice requires the level of HAVO/VWO. Last Tuesday after school I saw a lightning flash fly by, or so I thought. It was actually Kiara telling me the she had scored a 547 out of 550! This is a score well into VWO level. It sure was party time! We celebraterd with Mom and my sisters Adrienne and Aldith. I am so proud of her as she worked to the best of her capacity. Her attitude towards school is really wonderful and it is so nice that she can procede however she wishes.

Here is Kiara's quote which was published on the school website:
"We zijn de laatste tijd veel aan het oefenen voor de CITO. vooral de laatste week, nu maken we elke dag ongeveer 3 oefentoetsen. Mij lijkt de CITO toets erg leuk, omdat je niks hoeft te schrijven en niemand je afleid {hopelijk}. We zijn ook in de krant (TROUW) gekomen. We zij met school op de fiets naar het Comenius college geweest en de volgende dag naar Groenhorst college."

Lately we have been practicing a lot for the CITO exams, especially the past week. We now do 3 practice tests each day. I think I will really enjoy the CITO exams because you don't have to write so much (MC) and nobody is able to disturb you. (I hope.) We also made the TROUW newspaper with an article. We visited the Comenius College by bike and went to Groenhorst college the next day."

Later that week Kiara and Aldith were the photography team(#imgcrew) of yet another event!

My sister Angélique celebrated the fact that she receiv
ed her Masters Degree!! Congrats to her, I am so proud!


Anonymous said...

't Is wel duidelijk waar Kik haar guts van heeft! Geweldige, sterke vrouwen; ik hou van jullie allemaal!!
Dikke kus

Anonymous said...

Congrats to both Kiara and Lieke! And Kiara and auntie Dith look bright as ever on that picture! I'm thinking of you. Brassa's, Mercedes

Aldith Hunkar (CEO of Hunk-arT) said...

Sooooo proud of our Kiara!!

Jocie Z ROCK said...

That Hunkar family is rocking! Wow so many impressive and beautiful moments! Wow kiara. She just proves over and over she is a success in whatever she chooses to go for! What a score! Aisha she is truly mini you. A real reflection of smarts and beauty combined just like mommy. Congratulating you all.

Marlies said...

Wow, great job Kiara! A golden future lies ahead!!

Anonymous said...

I think you may want to get a twitter button to your website. Just bookmarked the blog, but I must do it by hand. Just my suggestion.

Aisha said...

I do have a Twitter button right at the top of the page of my weblog! (Top right-hand side)..Graphically speaking it's the first thing visitors should see! Dyslexia maybe? LOL ;-)