14 January 2011

Back to the hospital

The last couple of days I have been feeling very tired. Since monday morning there has been blood in my urine. This is a common problem with catheters so we waited to see what would happen. By Tuesday morning I was losing so much that my nurse C├ęcile called the doctor to take a look. By 1pm I was admitted to Tergooi Hospital in Hilversum. They are flushing my bladder with saline solution and they gave me two packs of blood to treat my anaemia. I spent the night here and have to stay here until they stablize me and find out what the cause is. It is always scary with the cancer, as many scary options could be the cause of my problems. By last night many tests were run. The scariest scenarios were tested negative. It looks like my pain medication is causing the trouble.
I have to say that they are very thorough. Last night I was given a transfusion of leucocytes and today I have been given 2 packs of blood. I am starting to feel much better. More info later!