03 January 2011

Kill the Beast III

And the battle continues. Dr. Lips and Dr. Dahele haven't given up on me. Today I am going to the hospital to start with the new treatment plan.
I will be having radiation therapy to my sacrum, my rib and my left arm. These being the first treatments that are supposed to slow down the all-round deterioration but mostly to tackle the pain.

I am also having an MRI done of my head to monitor the skull.
Then last, but not least, I will be meeting Professor Boven (oncologist) to discuss the possibility of chemo and/ or experimental therapy with Everolimus.

Sometime this week I will write a very detailed account of my physical state.

Will be home tonight! Let's hope the ambulance doesn't take forever.


LucyGoverts said...

Good luck to you today.
Lets hope for some good news, finally!!

Jocie Z ROCK said...

Thinking of you a lot today and yesterday but I am new York not on my own computer the crackberry is not the best for blog but was able to read your posts. I am always thinking bout your emotional state too. Your mind is so powerful. Hope the ambulance ride was smooth over those speedbumps there. Love j

Adrienne said...

Of course they havn't given up on you!!!!!!!!! Nobody has!!!!