17 February 2011

What's next?

As the building goes on rapidly, me moving into the Entrada is getting closer and closer to a reality. The struggle to get there is emense, but I seem to manage. (our flat will be situated where the yellow frame is. This Photograph was taken by Kiara.)

My stay in the hospital lasted 2 weeks. By the second Friday the urologist opted for surgery. I had wat they called a crying bladder in Dutch. Meaning that the lining was so thin all around that there were a lot of tiny wounds all around. They fixed the problem by scorching the lesions which finally put an end to the severe bleading. In total I was given 11 packs of blood, 2 pakcs of trombocytes an 1 pack of leucocytes. I have now become the honorary member of the vampire squad.

No seriously, this was really a close call, my GP tells me a coma was only a day away. Thanks to Cecile from Buurtzorg for being so attentive and persuasive. I was in first aid, 40 minutes after her arriving here. Things went way too fast for me. Once again the Gooi and Vechtstreek Ambulance did a fabulous job. 20 minutes from the Dr.'s call to delivering me at the hopital with a little hold-up caused by yours truely cause I wanted to finish breakfast and make an important payment for the Entrada project.

Once I was home I got the heebee-jeebies. It wasn't until then that I reallized that this bleeding had almost killed me. It was strange to hear my family say that they were worried I might not be coming home. I took about two weeks to rest and come to terms with everything. I had been prescribed peace and quiet and was told to stay away from stress.

A lovely suprise was that both Ali Ball and Lalu Carter (old schoolfriends from Rosemead) came to visit me. I am sure that was part of the remedy!

I came home paralysed in both legs. The process had carried on in the meantime. This also meant the pain had deminished somewhat. When I got home my new bed had arrived. It offered me an opportunity to sit upright in bed. I got practicing and was soon sitting up 2 hours at a time. To me this meant that sitting in a wheelchair is definately a possibility. My physical therepis t who ensured me he could do the job suddenly decided that he wasn't capable. In fact he told me I wanted to stuff that I couldn't. This annoyed me so much it got me sharp again. I did some research on the internet and checked out De Hoogstraat in Utrecht. It is a rehab center like the Trappenberg, only, they ar specialised in Paralyses. The had an excellent brochure online which proved that my premonition that I should be able to do more than lie in my bed was true. A call to my GP has got things moving. Dr Bussemaker from the Trappenberg, who incidently has turner around 180 degrees and is doing more than can be expected of her, was called by my GP and she is making plans for me as I write.

Unfortunately I woke up one morning with a strange deformity of my sacrum. It looks like it is fractured and it is extremely painful. I have been waitng forever for an x-ray which will finally take place tomorrow. I'm afraid they won't be able to do anything about it, so I hope the pain team has a solution.


Aldith Hunkar (CEO of Hunk-arT) said...

Be safe tomorrow!

When you get back, I'll be there waiting with some good food to perk you up...


Corma said...

Heel veel sterkte morgen Aisha. Wat ben je toch een dappere vrouw. 2 uur elke keer al rechtop zitten super. daar wordt de wereld in eens wel anders van of niet dan. Je ziet maar je eigen regie in handen houden is toch altijd het beste. daar kan geen fysiotherapeut tegen op.

Hoop dat ze nog wat kunnen doen met je gebroken bekken , Kus XXX